• The personal “A”

    *QUIZ AVAILABLE* - The letter “A” has many uses in the Spanish language. In this episode, we go through one…

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  • Arrecha, arrecho, arreche (16+)

    This word is one of those words with multiple meanings. This one can change even in the same country.

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  • Por vs Para

    *QUIZ AVAILABLE* - Por vs Para. Come with us to learn the difference between these two words.

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  • La, Lo, Le, Se

    In order to understand the use of these words, we need to understand the direct and indirect objects. In this…

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  • Verb Cog*r (16+)

    The verb Coger is a tricky verb. In this Bocadito you will learn the uses of if, even the controversial…

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  • The Subjunctive Tense

    *QUIZ AVAILABLE* - In this Bocadito you will learn about the Subjunctive Tense in Spanish, one of the most different…

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